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Do you need fulltime freelance writers and content creators for your online businesses but don't want the hassles... tax, admin, super, wages?

LEASE your freelance writers and online promotions staff today from Premium for only $1600 a month.  Unlike other outsourcing companies that leave you on your own with your writer, our leased staff packages come with a FREE project manager and editor.

Your project manager/editor assures you get a backup writer if your main writer is unavailable.  The editor also provides valuable quality control for all your materials.


Is your content generation and/or online promotions expenditure expanding along with your revenues? 
Perhaps you wish to save on employee and employee-related costs while maximizing revenues? offers leased employees that will help you with your site/s text and data entry/research needs while decreasing your costs.

Get higher ROI (returns on your investment) by outsourcing your text, content, and data needs
at a mere fraction of US/UK/EUROPEAN labor costs while retaining the quality of a first class university educated English speaking writer.

Starting at only $1600 a month per employee. Less than half the base US rate!

NOTE:  We do not accept any adult/pornographic site-related work

What Makes writers different from other Content Outsourcing Companies?

All of our materials go through a dedicated and experienced editor.  We assign one editor for every two to four writers. This system produces consistent high quality and gives our customers the security and confidence you deserve for your money.  

We offer 2 Leased Writer Packages:

  • 170 hours per month
  • 4 month multi-month minimum contract
  • No setup fees
  • Editor/Project manager included FREE
  • $1600 per month

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to get a Premium Writer today!

Daily deliverables:

Writers produce 2000 words a day.  Research and editing time included. Link builders and online promotions specialists' daily deliverables vary with specific job assignment.

Typical tasks for leased website content writers:

  • Blog entries
  • Adsense/PPC ad pages
  • Wiki materials
  • Articles
  • SEO materials
  • Product reviews
  • Forum posting (up to 4500 posts a month)
  • E-books
  • Social bookmarking site reviews
  • Many more website content development tasks ...
  • Highly experienced content writers who specialize in certain topics
  • Elite writers
  • 170 hours per month
  • 4 month multimonth minimum contract
  • No setup fees
  • Editor/Project manager included FREE
  • $2450 per month
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Daily deliverables:

Elite Writers produce 2000 words a day.  Research and editing time included.

Typical tasks for ELITE website content writers:

  • Commentaries
  • Original research
  • Press Release materials
  • Website content concepts
  • Expert forum posting
  • Focused writing
  • Original E-book topics
  • Specialized blog writing and link management/annotation
All leased employees are centrally managed
All leased employees are required to meet daily quotas we set with you

We accept the following PAYMENT METHODS:

  • Paypal via XOOM payment link
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Western Union
  • Epassporte

Contact Us for more information or for information on custom services not mentioned on this page.

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