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Do you need fulltime freelance writers and content creators for your online businesses but don't want the hassles... tax, admin, super, wages?

LEASE your freelance writers and online promotions staff today from Premium for only $1600 a month.  Unlike other outsourcing companies that leave you on your own with your writer, our leased staff packages come with a FREE project manager and editor.

Your project manager/editor assures you get a backup writer if your main writer is unavailable.  The editor also provides valuable quality control for all your materials.

Testimonials was born from the combination over 10 years webmastering experience and over three years experience serving delivering custom content and copywriting to online professionals.

The following is a mere sampling of some of the good things past and current clients have to say about us.  

I just wanted to leave a quick message to say that I have read through the new articles you guys developed and and I am more than happy. I would like some more work done.

G. Jacobson | USA

Thank you for your fast service and professional manner.

J. Christos | Greece gave my blog network exactly what it needs: masses of well written unique content, fast service, all at a fair price!  I still can't believe what a deal they gave me and I'm pleased with their services.  Highly recommended!

K. Haines | Canada

I will admit I was skeptical at first, then they sent a sample article. I was quite suprised by the quality versus their pricing. They have now written ****loads of articles for my sites.

J. Stephens | South Africa

PremiumWriter's text services are excellent. Where else can you get extremely well written reviews, blog entries and articles for half what you would usually pay? They have really lifted my Casino Blog Network. Traffic and conversions have increased threefold.

W .Fuller  |  Canada

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