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The Downside To Surgical Implants

People, especially women, have always been interested in improving their appearance. Whether it's an effect of social perception or for improving physical appearances, there seems to be a rush to reconstruct God-given assets through surgical implants. There is no problem, really, as there are many cosmetic surgeons that are up to the challenge. Aside from this, there are also many implant varieties available in today's cosmetic industry. But despite the apparent ease of getting implants, implant surgeries should not be taken lightly.

Implant surgery introduces foreign substances into the body which could have irreversible negative effects. Take, for example, the most popular implants of all -- the breast implants. Years back, silicone gels were used to fill or repair small and sagging breasts. However, silicone implants were banned by the FDA because of studies indicating its possible negative effects in the body. The studies found out that silicone can cause internal poisoning in case of leaks in the implant. Another kind of breast implant used saline solutions. This was deemed to be safer than silicone because it is water-based and can be dissolved by the body system even if it leaked. Unfortunately, saline implants were later found to cause visible rippling under the skin's surface which can be very unsightly.

Surgical implants could deliver good results, but their negative effects are often deemed too big to risk. If going through procedures to improve one's appearance is unavoidable, one can opt for the more popular and less invasive methods of maintaining youthful looks. One such example is the threadlift procedure. Whereas implants require careful operation and the right implants to produce good results, threadlifts only require skillful manipulation of the thread to eliminate lines and years from a person's face. Although the results of threadlift procedures are less pronounced than that of surgical implants, they look more natural and are a lot safer.

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