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Do you need fulltime freelance writers and content creators for your online businesses but don't want the hassles... tax, admin, super, wages?

LEASE your freelance writers and online promotions staff today from Premium for only $1600 a month.  Unlike other outsourcing companies that leave you on your own with your writer, our leased staff packages come with a FREE project manager and editor.

Your project manager/editor assures you get a backup writer if your main writer is unavailable.  The editor also provides valuable quality control for all your materials.

Sample Articles

Bullfights: An Art or Animal Torture?
Spain has always fascinated me. Casual acquaintances would surmise that I love Spain because it is one of the many destinations for my... read article

Mortgage Leads System
In this high-tech Digital Age, options are everything.  However, with the increasing volume and magnitude of information being made available to the public each and every day, choices also disappear as fast as they suddenly emerge in people's midst... read article

Uplifting Women With Breast Augmentation
Breast augmentation, also called Augmentation Mammoplasty, has changed the lives of women across the globe for over a decade now. Cosmetic breast enhancement allows individuals to change the shape and the size of their breasts.... read article

The Downside To Surgical Implants
People, especially women, have always been interested in improving their appearance. Whether it's an effect of social perception or for improving physical appearances, there seems to be a rush to reconstruct God-given assets through surgical implants... read article

Plastic Surgery Safety
Plastic surgery used to be limited to reconstructive surgery because of congenital defects, accidents, and illnesses. Years back, people could go to hospitals, confident that a certified surgeon will be taking care of their cases. But with the rapid expansion of plastic surgery... read article

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